Welcome to my personal webpage. My name is Paul Nykiel im a student living in Ulm, Germany. I'm doing software development with focus on real time perception (computer vision and machine learning) and embedded systems.

I'm also interested in desktop- and full-stack web-development.

27 May 2019

Generating CMake projects from STM32CubeMx

For configuring an STM32 microcontroller there is arguably no easier way to configure the chip and periphery than using STM32CubeMx (in the following refered to as CubeMx). Sadly it is only possible to export the code to a small selection of proprietary IDEs, it is neither possible to use the Code with one of the important C/C++ IDEs (CLion, QtCreator, Code::Blocks, Visual Studio,…) or to use any editor (vim, emacs, nano,…) and an external build tool to build the project. This also limits the ability to integrate the build process in some form of continuous integration.

29 Apr 2019

Toolbox-Plane PCBs

After having several problems with our last PCB-Stack used in the Toolbox-Plane (in no particular order: large size, problems with the mcu not starting, non standardized platform) we decided to design three new PCBs for our plane.

05 Apr 2019

New website!

As you might have guessed after visiting this site i have a completly new website! After i had more or less abandonded my old website (i still believe the concept is really cool, so it still is available at i tried to develop a new website from scratch but pretty soon realized i’m not a designer. So in the third iteration i started using Jekyll as a static site generator.